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Our vision for Devon is where waste is considered as resources that are managed sustainably and locally wherever possible to maximise community, environmental and local economic benefits. There are some fantastic enterprises around Devon showing how it can be done in many practical ways. We believe that Devon can dramatically reduce the amount of waste that it produces by waste prevention and maximising local reuse, recycling and composting. DCRN wants to see communities involved in developing their own solutions for resue, recycling and composting.

Our impact?

  • Over 40,000 items of furniture are reused every year in Devon through 12 community projects. Many of these items would have gone to landfill. Free collections are available for householders by local projects for furniture, appliances and household items suitable for reuse. Deliveries of bulky items obtained from projects can be arranged at low cost.
  • Local services and facilities are accessible to thousands of people, and many low income people receive vital help furnishing their homes.
  • 100’s of jobs, training and volunteering opportunities are sustained having a positive impact on local economies and helping disadvantaged people.
  • Community projects maximise environmental, social and local economic benefits and added value and help build more sustainable communities with more active participation.
  • Tackling waste has a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions, as the embodied energy of items and the energy required to make and sell new items is saved.
  • In the early 1990s, before kerbside recycling services, community groups pioneered recycling collections. People started collecting cans and paper and storing them in sheds and garages. Now Devon recycles 55% of its waste and there are 60,000 households in Devon using Freecycle and Freegle for free reuse!
  • The community sector continues to shape the future with local solutions, involving communities in change, putting ideas and innovation into action, tackling waste, and encouraging local action to reduce carbon emissions.

About Devon Community Recycling Network

  • DCRN represents the interests of community projects, social enterprises and charities working in reuse, recycling and composting in Devon. We provide information, guidance, advice and support where possible.
  • We encourage partnership working and joined-up action between Local Authorities, community groups, networks and other organisations. DCRN inputs to strategies to maximise community and environmental benefits.
  • We raise awareness of the importance of reducing waste and conserving resources and its role in helping meet the challenges of resource depletion, climate change, and peak oil.
  • We provide a newsletter to groups, individual members, Councillors and Parish Councils in Devon to help keep people informed of the rapidly changing environment around waste.

Who are we?

We are a diverse range of community organisations, charities, social enterprises, Local Authorities, active citizens and experts working in different ways to promote reuse, recycling, composting and waste prevention.